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«Giselle requires everything: impeccable technique, emotional depth and originality. A good ballerina will master these qualities with certain ease. A great one will blur the lines between them, giselle10hypnotizing her audience with the very humanness of Giselle in all her complexity. Svetlana Lunkina is a great one.

And her technique is impeccable.

As a whole, the production is both poignant and memorable, especially Lunkina’s rendition of the title character. If the original Giselle, Carlotta Grisi, was a Queen, then Lunkina… has inherited her throne.»

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The Globe and Mail

giselle12Jun. 17, 2016

“Lunkina’s ability to move weightlessly through complex grande allegro, her back leg lifting high on reflex, is a feat to witness. Drifting into the sleepy third arabesque so distinct to Giselle (the dancer nearly rests her head on her upper arm), Lunkina’s body seems to float on air.

I also found Lunkina convincing in the famous Act 1mad scene.”

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Toronto Star

June 16, 2016
“Svetlana Lunkina and Harrison James bring beautiful dancing and dramatic depth to 175-year-old ballet.”

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Fjord review

June 15, 2016giselle1

“Svetlana Lunkina is an artist of rare genius, which she wholeheartedly delivered in this, her finest role of Giselle… She gave a performance of unfathomable depth and beauty.”

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Dance Tabs

20 January 2016

National Ballet of Canada – The Winter’s Tale – Washington

“… it was the luminous Svetlana Lunkina, as a confident and passionate Paulina, the Queen’s Lady-in-Waiting, who ultimately claimed the evening with a performance of unparalleled dramatic insight and skill.”

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Musical Toronto

“Sunday’s Sylphe Svetlana Lunkina made it impossible for you to take your eyes off her for even an instant.  Hers was the ideal performance and the perfect casting choice for closing the run.  Ms. Lunkina is an unforgettable dancer, and represents yet another stunning principal artist thriving in National Ballet’s fold.  I could watch her forever.”  Read more…