Vladislav Moskalev

Briefly about Vladislav Moskalev

A ballet impresario, curator and title sponsor of the world renowned international Ballet Gala shows held in the major venues of Toronto (1995, 1996, 1997, two shows in 2017), Paris (1998, 1999), New York (from 2000 to 2008). The architect of the concept, founder and the first sponsor of the “Kremlin Gala” Ballet Show in Moscow State Kremlin Palace (6000 spectators) in 2010, 2011 and 2012. The two-day 2011 Kremlin Gala (12,000 audience) was voted Russia’s cultural event of the year by influential Russian ballet critics.

In 2011, Vladislav Moskalev produced and distributed 1000 free DVD discs to the students of various choreographic academies and schools, where around 10 world ballet superstars from different countries shared their professional secrets and gave suggestions on how to become successful in ballet.

A publisher of the educational brochures on ballet.

A producer of the educational video programs on ballet.

An executive producer of a full-length historical feature film “St. Petersburg-Cannes Express” shot in the English language in St. Petersburg, Russia by Russian, American and English cinematographers. (World premiere in Palm Springs, USA, released in the US in 2003, director and producer John Daly, whose credits include “Platoon,” “The Last Emperor” and other Oscar-winning movies).

The mastermind of the project, the first producer, the first investor (2010-2012) and the owner of the original script copyright of “Matilda” feature film (script by the world famous writer Andrei Gelasimov) – a biopic in honor of the great Russian ballerina Mathilde Kschessinska. Vladislav Moskalev had to abandon that project in 2012 under duress following a conflict with corrupt Russian government officials. In Canada in 2015 and 2020, he won all four of four episodes of two lawsuits against Russian pro-Kremlin alternative producers of this movie. The film based on an another script was released in Russia in 2017 with the same name “Matilda”, but (instead of ballerina`s biopic) as a movie about the three days of Russian Tsar Nicholas the II’s life with the scene of his coronation as a crucial scene of the movie. According to an idea of alternative producers, this should have been especially liked to Mr. Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation. As a result, the spoofed movie had a lack of professional critics acclaim and never achieved international distribution.

The producer of the documentary about the infamous GULAG, one of the world’s largest penal systems for mass detention and extermination of innocent people, partially functioning in Russia in the 21st century. (GULAG was first depicted by the Nobel Prize winner Alexander Solzhenitsyn in his book “GULAG Archipelago”). The film was edited in 2015 in Toronto, Canada with English subtitles.

The title sponsor of the first publications (1995) of a unique “Anthology of Russian and Foreign Poetry” with verses by 875 authors, and of the Encyclopedic Literary Collection “Fairy Tales of the Century” for Children and Adults (1997).

The title sponsor of the world’s first groundbreaking “Dolls Encyclopedia” initially published in Russia (2004).

The initiator of ​​the historical 2008 press conference dedicated to ballet held in the UN building in New York, and of the simultaneous party in the NY Plaza Hotel for all members of the UN Security Council and their families to honor international ballet superstars.

A co-founder and major shareholder of the Element 21, a Canadian golf club manufacturing company (2000-2009). The clubs were taken onboard of an international space station (ISS) where Russian and American astronauts hit the ball in the open space by the E21 golf club. That unique promotion campaign was covered by all of the world’s leading media.

The Organizer of two exhibitions Children Are Drawing Ballet (2017, Sony Center, Toronto), which presented more than 100 Canadian children’s paintings, including drawings of long-term patients of Sick Kids Hospital. Vladislav Moskalev organized the same exhibitions of Russian children’s drawings at the State Kremlin Palace in Moscow in 2010 and 2011.

The Creator (2017) of The Youth Ballet Star Support Program made to provide 17 to 20 year old budding artists with an opportunity to perform with more established, world re-known performers.

The Organizer (2015, during the first phase of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine) of the prima ballerina Svetlana Lunkina`s charity performance in the lead role of ballet Giselle, on the stage of Odessa National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre, Ukraine, to support Ukrainian people in their struggle for freedom. In addition, along with Svetlana Lunkina, he donated 50 brand new pairs of Gaynor Minden pointe shoes to ballerinas of the Ukrainian theatre.

A co-creator (2019) of the 1on1 Ballet training mobile app made for all ages and levels of proficiency. The application is distributed via Google Play, Apple Store and Web Store. Vladislav Moskalev is the organizer of a charity campaign of free installation of this application for all users during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Creator and Director of the Canada Ballet Art Project, an official Canadian non-profit federal charity since 2018.

Vladislav Moskalev is married to Svetlana Lunkina, a world ballet superstar, and a prima ballerina of the Russian Bolshoi Theatre and the National Ballet of Canada. Their joint international ballet project Canada All-Star Ballet Gala (2017) was warmly supported with welcome letters from the Queen Elizabeth II and from the members of the Royal Family, as well as from the Governor-General and Prime Minister of Canada.

He has two university degrees.

His hobby is tennis.

Vladislav Moskalev was born and graduated from high school in Ukraine (City of Kharkiv and Severodonetsk).