I am happy to inform that I have signed a next season contract with The National Ballet of Canada!  It is a  wonderful company, with gorgeous professional ballet troupe, smart and friendly management, very interesting repertoire and great opportunities for future creative development.

To my dear friends in Russia  

I believe that you’ll see me dancing on the stage of the Bolshoi many more times!  I hope that by the time I’m back, Russian Federation will already has held the event during which 300 ballet dancers will have been awarded simultaneously for their hard work and attempts to support the positive image of Russia.

I also hope that by that time, the ballet administration of the Bolshoi would contact its valid prima ballerina personally at least once in 2 years and show some interest in why she has not come to the theater  for such a long time.  It is impossible to imagine a situation when an artistic director, or at least anyone from the ballet management stuff of any ballet theater of the world not a single time has contacted a prima ballerina who’s been absent for 2 years and never even bothered to ask her a simple question like “How you’ve been?”, “What’s happening to you?” or “Would you come back?”

One comment

  1. I don’t know what’s going on exactly but I wish everything gets well and Svetlana can get back to Bolshoi without any threatening.

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