I want to make a statement.


My family is still being followed by a corrupt group of people, who have the strong connections  with the highest echelons of Russian power. These people have a serious influence on Russian courts of justice, they fabricate documents, forge signature, hack personal e-mails and web-sites, constantly intervene in other people’s personal lives in order to serve their filthy selfish ends.

I know that these people are sure they will never suffer consequences for their actions. And I am perfectly aware of how incredibly difficult it is for a common person to go against the whole corrupt system and, finally, defeat it. But, I’m going to try.
I also want to state, that I join my husband, who’s originally from Ukraine, and we both support the Ukrainian people in their desire to have legit and independent president elections.

I hope that the new state system of Ukraine will base its principles not on the totalitarian corruption, but on respect to common people. And it will be just wonderful, if one day the renewed Ukraine will serve as a good example for       Russia.

 Svetlana Lunkina.

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