Author: svetlanalunkina

I’m so happy to announce that I`m going to Japan this summer for a new creation (ASUKA ballet), based on Japanese legend. We’re performing with Asami Maki Ballet. Can’t wait to see all my friends!


Musical Toronto

“Sunday’s Sylphe Svetlana Lunkina made it impossible for you to take your eyes off her for even an instant.  Hers was the ideal performance and the perfect casting choice for closing the run.  Ms. Lunkina is an unforgettable dancer, and represents yet another stunning principal artist thriving in National Ballet’s fold.  I could watch her forever.”  Read more…


Special evening for all of us! We were a part of the spacial program “Share the Magic”. “Share the Magic” programme provides a unique and memorable experience to youth and families affected by illness, poverty and other socio-economic challenges by providing free access to live ballet performances. It was a honour to perform in favour of the Syrian refugees who joined us for the free Share the Magic performance of Romeo and Juliet!


The New York Times

«It’s Mr. Wheeldon, however, who has grown most. Each of the ballet’s three acts has its own distinct character; each character has individual motifs — not limiting shticks but memorable features that return and develop. Paulina (who at the end of the play compares herself to an “old turtle” — i.e., the dove — grieving for her lost mate) has winglike arm gestures; the part was played on Wednesday by Svetlana Lunkina (formerly of the Bolshoi Ballet), who tellingly showed how Paulina’s grief expresses itself in the splayed fingers and turning wrists at the end of those spread arms». Read more…